Admin Login Default Router Password (192.168.l.l)

Have you heard about You may be thinking what an alien message I am asking you to decipher. No, it is nothing like that. This is an IP address which is the default gateway to most of the routers that are used. A router can take different IP address but this is the one that is most commonly used and is called the host address.

What is the utility of

You may be thinking what the utility of knowing about this IP address is. Yes, there are various reasons to know about this IP address. You can access the router that you are using once you type this in the browser bar that you are using. Once you are able to go to the admin log in page you change various aspects like DNS, LAN, WAN, management of network and various other features.

The method to log in to

There is a specific method of logging into 192.168.l.l. You have to follow the steps so that you have a successful log in. The steps are:

  • You have to manually type http:// in the browser bar that you are using
  • You have then to enter the user name and password that you have.

There are certain default user name and password set for routers. You must know about those. If you do not you need to know those so that you can have a successful log in.

Like if you are using a D-Link router of model DSL-G664T Rev.A1 then the user name can be “admin” and your password can also be “admin”. Another instance can be that jiofi routers username and passwords are administrator. The user name and password changes as you change the model. Like you may be using a D-Link router but of model DI-704 Rev. Rev A then there is no user name and the password is “admin”. If you know the brand and model of your router you can know the user name and password for log in from the default list that is available on the net.

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The reasons why you cannot log in

There may be various issues which may be the reason for your not being able to log in. The reasons may be:

  • If you do not enter the IP address correctly
  • There is an issue with IP address in your computer
  • There may be a problem with the Ethernet cable
  • There may be an issue with the router itself.

What to do if you forget your username or password

It may so happen that you do not know the username and password of the router that you are using. You can easily find that out by having a look at the router. You will have it printed by the side of the serial number of the router. In case you have changed the username and password and then you forgot it then there is no other option but to reset that to the factory mode. There is a reset button which you need to press for 10 seconds so that it is reset to the factory mode.

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