MX Player Review: Is it the Best Media Player App for Smartphones?

MX Player Review: From the first few days of the smartphone revolution, Media Player apps are very popular. Mostly because of the reason that -“Who don’t want to watch their favorite movie on their mobile?”.

I still remember the days when i used to see the TV ads promoting phones(not smartphones) to consumers saying that “Buy our Phone Because you can watch TV on it, and enjoy Movies!”

Indeed, those days are long gone, and now it’s damn easy for anyone to watch any movie they want. The internet has completely changed the way people use their devices and how people consume movies and media.

mx player

Now after the launch of the app store (both google play and apple app store) many apps were becoming the latest must have and many of the niches were expanding, Media player was one of them. I was a kid back then(I’m still one) when i first found about MX Player.

First, i was feeling like it’s another useless and not that good media player app which just had built by any kid developer for the purpose of developing any app. But after using the app for quite a few days, i found that the simple MX Player app can do a hell lot of things.

I was amazed by the features of MX Player like gesture controls and SD and HD decoder; It’s super cool. So, My Recommendation to everyone out there is, go ahead and download mx player apk from its official website. You will love this excellent app.

Editor’s Note: If you want to use MX Player on PC then you should download bluestacks from our site. Using BlueStacks you can run MX Player on PC.

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