Stream YouTube Videos on Android Mobile in Background

YouTubeYouTube is a platform we all use daily, and life without one cannot even imagine. The number of users of YouTube are already shifting to mobile, as more and more smartphone users are increasing exponentially. But there are a few limitations when you use YouTube on a smartphone, or a tablet, specially on Android.

The problem you will face is that you are not able to stream YouTube videos in the background. The case is true for both the app, and also any browser you may use. As long as that screen is active the video keeps playing, but if you press the home button, or just switch to another app for a couple of seconds the videos pauses itself.

Though in iOS you can easily workaround this situation, by using Safari as it lets you play or stream the videos from YouTube even if the browser is not active and is only running in the background. So if you are an android user and have been wondering that how could you do it too, you are at the right place.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos in Background

Previously there have been many apps that would have solved the purpose and let you stream the videos in the background, when the app is not active. But since past few months, google has almost banned every app that solved the purpose. But one app has not been banned and is the way we are going to solve our purpose.

Head to the Play Store and install the Pop-Up Video Player app. It let’s you play the video in a pop up window that floats over other application, just like the Chat Heads in the Facebook Messenger. The overall interface is quite smooth, and is really easy to operate. The app lets you watch your video while you are multi tasking and using other apps as well. But to use this app to it’s full potential, you will have to install Xposed Framework on your Android Device.

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The app has been specially optimized for tablet users, to utilize the empty spaces in the big screen. There are some features of the app that you would like to check out, and are as follows.

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Chromecast Support: Chromecast is a great way to mirror what’s running on your tablet, or media device. And the app has a support for chromecast. So it means it allows you to mirror whatever you are playing on your player, while multi tasking as well.
Themes and Interface: It has a wide variety of options to choose from, and will completely transform the look of your player.
Multi Window: For the devices that have a multi window support, this app is completely compatible and will let you multi task as you want with your device.

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Other Features: Whenever you bring close it to a edge, it snaps and aligns itself in the corner, so you won’t have to bother about aligning it manually with the edges. Also it would let you browse the latest and trending videos over the internet, and also it gives you an option to hide the videos.

This is a free app, but it only lets you to watch the videos up till 5 minutes only. And if you really

liked the app and want to remove the limit, you could always upgrade to the premium paid version of the app. I hope this post helped you out in your quest to watch and stream YouTube videos in background while using other apps.

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