What is Router?

Know about Router?

Do you know what is Router? and how this networking device works?

If any question about router arises in your mind, I will try to write more about in today’s article.

I am sure, you heard about ROUTER because this word is much used on the internet.

Except for mobile devices, whenever you access the internet, means you are accessing internet by any wireless networking device.

If you don’t trust me, just ask for anyone – bro! are you using any device for WiFi, and I am sure, his answer should be related to this article.

A router is a Hardware Networking device which uses in a network. When a data-packet send from one device to another device, its travel from one network to another network, then Router receive this data packet and analyze the hidden information then send to a destination device. These networking devices connected each other thru wire or wirelessly.

This is the way Router works.

Rest of will be written in next post.


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